Fine Art

While we pride ourselves in our rich selection of antiques and fine furnishings our gallery’s true treasure is to be found in its wealth of vintage California paintings, watercolors and fine art by American and European artists.

California’s stunning natural beauty and inspiring landscapes drew artists from around the world. The Pasadena area, in particularly the Arroyo, became a cultural hub for many artists and we are proud to have many of these fine artists in our collection.

Below, you can buy website traffic and enjoy a sampling of some of the fine art we have been proud to have in our gallery. The images will change every few seconds, or simply click on an image to move to the next one.

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Objets D’Art

Whether the perfect vase, a lovely set of lamps, the right fixture or even a bronze statue the objects, fixtures and ornaments we chose create the feel and tone of our living or work environment. While fixtures tend to be permanent, one can always elevate or shift the look, feel or season of a home or a room by a simple change in the ornaments and objects chosen.

We are proud to carry a wide selection of quality pieces to assist you in finishing a room or in developing a new look for a space. And we are always discovering new pieces, as well as on the hunt for that special piece a client may be searching for.

From small silver works to large garden planters our selection covers a wide range. Additionally, thanks to our years of cultivated relationships and active estate sales business, we are often able to help source furniture, fixtures and ornaments that may not be currently in our inventory.

We invite you to drop by and acquaint yourself with our selection and to discuss your needs.

The images will show as a slideshow, changing every four seconds. IF you prefer to browse through thumbnail images, simply click on the option (show picture list) above the image. You can then view and click on the desired image to see an enlarged version.

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A Bit About Our Store


At Art and Antiques on Lake, we have over 2 decades of experience in offering you the best in fine art and antiques, with an emphasis on vintage California Impressionism and Plein Air artists.

In 2007 Art and Antiques on Lake was established. It was a union between two long-term dealers in art and antiques, Ron Vander Molen and Kathy Shifs. As of July, 2013, Ron and Kathy will be working in their separate stores but are still working together on acquisitions, mutual projects and estate sales.

Both partners came from a long background as dealers in the fine art and antique trade. Together they bring a depth of knowledge and skills to assist you in furthering your collection of art, furnishing a home and in building a world of daily beauty for yourself, your family and extended circle of friends.

Please drop by either, or both, of our stores for a visit. We welcome browsers and love seeing our many clients dropping in for a dose of art and a friendly chat!

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